817 Albertsons Pkwy, Suite M, Broussard, LA 70518

(337) 591-1244

Thur-Sat: 10a-5p • Sun: 11a-4p

Vendors Rules & Regulations

The Market at Broussard Commons
is a 4,500 sq/ft, air-conditioned facility, located within the shopping center known as BROUSSARD COMMONS at 817 Albertson Pkwy, Broussard, LA 70518.

  1. THE MARKET will be open Thursday, Friday & 10-5 and Sunday 11-4, and may opt to open for special events and additional dates upon discretion of the Landlord.


  1. All persons, businesses, or organizations wishing to become a vendor or member of THE MARKET must file a Vendor Application and submit booth/product photos.


  1. Weekly rental rates: Rates will start at $50 for up to 100 sq/ft per week.  Larger Spaces will be considered at a negotiated price with the Landlord.  OUTDOOR space may be available weather permitting and Landlord approved.  All outdoor space will require vendor to provide a 10×10 white tent.   Tent rental of $10 may be available upon request.   Booth sharing is not permitted, each booth should represent only one producer/business.  Electricity will be available upon request and availability will require an additional $10 per week/month (depending on need)  fee .


  1. Dues can be paid monthly, in person. Checks payable to THE MARKET at BROUSSARD COMMONS, LLC or by credit card.


  1. Website: TheMarketatBroussardcommons.com


  1. The Landlord will assign spaces. Designated spaces are not guaranteed.


  1. The Landlord has the right to deny or restrict any vendor for failure to follow the rules. Problems, complaints to concerns must be directed to the Landlord or office staff immediately.


  1. THE MARKET strives to provide a fair and equal opportunity for all participants to sell and purchase only quality products at a fair and reasonable price.


  1. All vendors participating at THE MARKET must comply with the sanitary rules and regulations of the Parish and State Health Department and any other governing body.


  1. Food items for sale must be packaged and displayed in accordance with current local, state and federal regulations.


  1. Produce must be fresh. Farmers must follow state and federal pesticide control laws.


  1. Food Samples, if offered, must be provided to the public in appropriate containers, maintained at an appropriate temperature and handled in accordance with the health regulations.


  1. Set-Up/Take-Down. Set-ups and tear-downs times must be set up with a staff.   Large spaces must be done before/after hours.   Small shelving table top displays may be done during open hours.  All vendors will be responsible for the cleanliness of their selling area during and after clean-up.


  1. Signage: All vendors are encouraged to display a business name at their booth for the duration of the market.  Vendors may also be required to display other licenses or permits by state or local regulatory agencies.  All signage is subject to approval of the Landlord.


  1. Sales Tax, each vendor will operate as an individual business entity and as such, each vendor is responsible for collecting his/her own sales taxes, when collecting at their booth. For merchandise paid for at the main register, sales tax will be collected and paid by THE MARKET.


  1. Commission Checks: Commission checks will be paid monthly.   The market has 7 days after the close of the month to prepare reports and checks.  Checks will be available after the 7th of the month following.   Checks may be picked up at THE MARKET during open hours.


  1. Insurance: Each vendor, selling value-added edible products must carry his/her own production liability insurance.  Proof of product insurance will be verified upon entry in the market and a copy bust be submitted to the Landlord.  Vendors without insurance will not hold THE MARKET liable for ANY customer complaints or issues with your products.


  1. The renter shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless BROUSSARD COMMONS, LLC and it’s owners, employees and volunteers from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses arising out the space’s use, if such claim is attributable to personal injury, bodily injury, disease or death, or injury to, or destruction of property, including the loss of uses there from, and is not caused by any negligent act or omission of willful misconduct of THE MARKET at BROUSSARD COMMONS, their owners, employees or volunteers acting within the scope of their employment.


  1. Soliciting for events that are not directly related the BROUSSARD COMMONS, LLC are prohibited. All flyers, pamphlets, handouts and sign-up sheets presented at THE MARKET must be approved by the Landlord of Broussard Commons and approved a week in advance of the market at which they are to be distributed.


  1. BROUSSARD COMMONS reserves the right to revise THE MARKET rules and regulation at any time they deem appropriate. There rules are hereby adopted and valid as of November 1, 2019.


  1. No spots are guaranteed, regardless of tenure or attendance regularity. A member of THE MARKET who vends as a regular, sporadic, or seasonal basis throughout the year will be given first priority in space assignment and have seniority in retaining assigned space.  The landlord of Broussard Commons or his designee will assign and approve all space assignments and make adjustments as necessary.


  1. RULES AND REGULATIONS The MARKET at Broussard Commons has established rules and regulations that guide vendors in understanding their responsibilities as a member of the market community.


  1. VENDOR INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS Vendors warrant the quality of all his/her products when they are offered to the public. In order for THE MARKET to ensure an appropriate product mix, vendors are permitted to sell only the items that are listed on their vendor application.  Amendments may be made to application but must be approved by Landlord.  This request must be made in writing prior to authorization.
  2. ACCEPTING to participate and setting up you acknowledge that you’ve read and will abide by the rules set forth in this document.